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Guitar of Hope: Fifty celebrities sign for a cause, including Streisand, Britney, Fergie, Taylor Swift, and the cast of Glee (x)

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"With so many strings to his bow, and many projects coming up in the next few years, there is no danger of Colfer fading from view any time soon. As much as I will miss his weekly Glee appearances, I look forward to seeing him spread his wings and gradually take over the world. […] It seems everybody loves Chris, and what’s not to love? […] Colfer is a man of many talents, and his legions of fans – who range from toddlers to the elderly – can attest to his appeal. Long may he reign.” (insp. by)

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marksalling Waiting to be picked up from school with this little cutie

marksalling Waiting to be picked up from school with this little cutie

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Favorite glee performance - 18/50

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darling, I will be loving you ‘til we’re 70

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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why i’ll never give up on glee [part 1]

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