All the Beautiful Pieces

Artist: freakingpotter

Author: fmhartz91

Beta: treebleeding

Rating: NC17


Blaine Anderson is spending the summer after graduation flipping houses with his brother, Cooper, for his brother’s total home renovation show that features the worst houses Cooper can buy with the added benefit of torturing his brother. The last house Blaine has to renovate is an original Victorian House in San Diego, CA, which is in terrible condition. But this house turns out to be more than just another job. This house was once owned by a famous Vaudeville ventriloquist by the name of Andrew Smythe. It houses a very interesting collection of items - among them two life sized puppets. Blaine isn’t sure exactly why, but he’s drawn to them - especially to the one with the beautiful blue eyes. He gets Cooper to give him the puppets, and Blaine starts to restore them. In the course of the restoration, Blaine finds out the neither puppets is just a run-of-the-mill puppet, and Andrew Smythe was hiding a secret that will be the key to saving two lives.

(Mention of a character death that happened in the past.)


I am posting this story late because I had it completes (at more than 30,000 words) and while transferring it to a new computer, the file became corrupted, and no matter what I did, it couldn’t be recovered. It killed me especially because freakingpotter did such an incredible job with the art that it deserved to be posted with a completed fic. But I couldn’t sit on these beautiful drawings any longer. So I am posting this as a WIP while I retype all the chapters from memory. In the meantime, oogle over this amazing art, and make sure to heap freakingpotter with tons of praise for being such an amazing artist, and such a supportive person. She was such a joy to work with. I absolutely dedicate this story to her <3

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@chriscolfer: The trick is not losing your phone… #SplashMountainSelfie

"Thanks to The Land of Stories though, I think writing will become my primary job once Glee is over."
— Chris Colfer δ (via princewarblersteenagedream)

We had the opportunity to interview Chris Colfer via e-mail.

Chris Colfer is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and a Golden Globe-winning actor. He plays Kurt Hummel on Glee. He was honored as a member of the TIME 100, Time magazine’s annual list of the one hundred most influential people in the world, and his books include Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns, and The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning.

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Happy 1st of September!

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60 Day Klaine Hiatus Challenge 

Day 60:What I Want To See Klaine Do Before The Show Ends 

Get married.

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Summary: Their first sleepover as boyfriends. It has to be different, right?

A/N: continuing the drabble challenge and ems wanted their first sleepover

It’s different. They’re boyfriends now. It just has to be different.

They’ve had sleepovers before (before they were together, a couple, boyfriends).

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"I lob you""I lob you too, Kurt!""Stop laubhing ad me!"

Anne wanted some cozy!Klaine in New York. They’re cuddling because it’s really cold in the appartement and poor Kurt is sick. (◡‿◡ ✿)


"I lob you"
"I lob you too, Kurt!"
"Stop laubhing ad me!"

Anne wanted some cozy!Klaine in New York. They’re cuddling because it’s really cold in the appartement and poor Kurt is sick. (◡‿◡ ✿)

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Emeline prompted: Darren + his colorful socks

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